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Casselman IFIT t-shirts $20
Shake bottles $10
Aluminum water bottles $14

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We offer free Wi-Fi access to our members.

Casselman IFIT Rules

1 Proper workout attire must be worn
2 No street shoes or boots on workout areas, proper athletic footwear only
3 iPods and earbuds are allowed, no boomboxes
4 Complimentary towels into hamper after workout
5 Wipe down the equipement for the next person when you are finished with it. Everyone appreciates clean, dry equipment
6 It is prohibited to drop weights on the floor
7 Respect for all common areas is mandatory, return your plates & dumbells to proper racks and help keep the workout area safe
8 Empty water bottles go in the recycling bins
9 Aggressive behavior and/or foul language will not be tolerated under any circumstances